Find Smarter Technology in the 2020 Hyundai Elantra

Do you need to stay connected when you're on the road? Our Bob Stallings Hyundai team understands — that's why we're so proud to add the 2020 Hyundai Elantra to our showroom. Loaded with smart technology, this sedan keeps you online, in touch, and in control.

Safe Phone Connections

As you drive around Irving and Arlington, TX, you need a way to stay in touch while staying safe. In the Elantra, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard on the SEL and higher. To use these systems, all you need to do is plug in your phone; when you do, you'll see a selection of smartphone apps displayed right on your Elantra's touchscreen. That way, you can get directions using your preferred map app, send texts using voice commands, and even take calls right over the car's speakers — and your phone can stay safely out of your hands.

Buying the base-level SE or using a phone other than an Android or iPhone? Every Elantra model comes with Bluetooth, so you can link your phone wirelessly. Just pair your device, and you can enjoy hands-free phone use and effortless music streaming during your commute to Grand Prairie and Mesquite, TX.

With the Elantra, you can customize your infotainment hub. Choose between a 5-inch, 7-inch, or 8-inch display; each one has a touchscreen, enabling you to access important information with a few taps.

Need to arrive at your destination with a fully charged phone? The Elantra's USB ports make charging a breeze. Or, upgrade to the available wireless charging pad; it delivers a stream of power right through the back of your Qi-compatible phone.

If you stream music from your phone, the available Clari-Fi music restoration technology is a must. This feature, which is available on the Limited and Sport models, elevates the digitally compressed audio files from your phone. By analyzing the files and rebuilding the data that's lost in compression, it delivers clear, crisp audio with a stunning dynamic range.

A More Convenient Ride

Our team knows that a few convenient features can make your day a lot easier. The Elantra uses smart tech to achieve that goal. It starts with the proximity key — using sensors, this key detects when you're close to the car. You never need to hunt around for the key; just pull the door handle, and the car unlocks automatically. Once you're inside, the push-button start makes it easy to get on your way.

When your arms are full, the proximity key jumps into action. Just stand by the trunk when your key is in your pocket or bag, and it opens automatically. That way, you can unload with ease.

Smart Safety Technology

In the Elantra, technology runs deep. This sedan is equipped with a range of Hyundai SmartSense sensors and systems that are designed to keep you safe. Driving after dark? Your high beams automatically sense when it's safe to turn on; then, they dim themselves as other cars pass. In traffic, the smart cruise control system scans the road ahead of you to watch for vehicles. When a car slows down, the Elantra does, too. This ensures that you're always maintaining a safe distance.

With a variety of active safety technology, the Elantra makes it easier to stay alert. It lets you know when you're leaving your lane or when the car in front of you is decreasing its speed suddenly, so you can adjust your course to stay safe. Don't have time? The SmartSense system can brake or steer you back to safety. You'll also get alerts when a car is in your blind spot or passing behind when you shift into reverse. Plus, if the system notices that your driving patterns are straying for normal, it lets you know that you might need to take a break.

If the Elantra sounds like it has the tech features you need, why not come in and try it out? Call or stop by our Dallas location to experiment with the technology and take a test drive today.

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