With a busy schedule, caring for your car can sometimes seem overwhelming. From washing it several times a month to checking the pressure in your tires and trying to complete regular maintenance, it can take up more time than you expected. Even if you enjoy doing some tasks yourself, it's often better to leave complicated maintenance in the hands of professional mechanics.

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As the lifeblood of your engine, clean oil is essential for carrying away microscopic metal burrs and dust so that engine parts can run smoothly. Leaving dirty oil in your engine can wear parts prematurely or gum up the works with grime. Your Hyundai owner's manual gives a recommendation for the ideal intervals between oil changes. Spark plugs, brake pads, and engine filters are also vital for your engine to run efficiently and will need regular maintenance for it to function properly. Regular tire rotations extend the lifespan of your entire set of tires, saving you money on the expense of purchasing a new set before it's time.

As your Hyundai vehicle in Arlington, TX gets older, more serious maintenance arises, such as changing the serpentine or timing belts before they fail. There are also several fluid systems in your engine that each performs vital tasks, such as the transfer case, transmission, coolant, and braking systems. Over time, these each need to have their old fluids purged and replaced with fresh fluid. Your shocks and struts keep your ride smooth, so an inspection of these is vital to driving safely. The suggested intervals for services like these are every 50,000-miles or so, leaving you time to plan for this sort of regular maintenance.

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Here at Bob Stallings Hyundai near Mesquite, TX, our mechanics are trained in Hyundai care and consult manufacturer recommendations for both the parts and engine additives that we put in your car. This combination ensures that you get factory-quality maintenance every time you bring your vehicle in for servicing. Third-party parts or the wrong additives can adversely affect your engine, so bring your Hyundai to professionals you can trust with the care of your vehicle. To learn more, please contact or visit us in person today near Grand Prairie! We look forward to meeting you!

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