Technology Features of the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe

The crossover SUV car class is a popular niche in the market with plenty of competition. Hyundai's entry in this class is the Santa Fe, a sturdy vehicle with an appealing design, excellent road performance and plenty of technology features to keep driver and passengers entertained and informed during their journey.

The 2019 Santa Fe allows drivers to integrate their Apple or Android device with Hyundai's AVN 5.0 Navigation. Plan your route or avoid delays along your journey easily using the Santa Fe's proprietary system, or select a navigation app with your smartphone and keep your devices at full power on the wireless charging pad that comes standard in all trims.

Your favorite playlist will sound amazing on the Santa Fe's 12-speaker Infinity sound system. While 630 watts and with an 11-channel amplifier give you plenty of volume, your music will actually sound better thanks to the QuantumLogic Surround Sound system that integrates Clari-Fi, an option that improves the audio of compressed digital music files.



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